We are a law firm devoted to the field of international and global markets. But why did we choose SIGMA as our name and brand?

First, because the upper-case Greek letter sigma (Σ) is the mathematical symbol for summation. Summation is the addition of a sequence of numbers to obtain a total. At SIGMA we intend to add attorneys to form teams, whether by adding our attorneys to others’ teams or by adding other attorneys to our teams.

Second, because the lower-case Greek letter sigma (σ) is a symbol of quality. At SIGMA we strive to create an environment in which the quality of our work product is paramount.

As a result, SIGMA becomes an acronym for what we are. We are international and global market attorneys, we add people to teams and we strive for sigma quality. Therefore, we are the summation of Sigma-quality International and Global Market Attorneys, SIGMA.


A law firm is a process in which the firm’s clients and its constituents (staff and attorneys) interact with a specific legal issue in mind. SIGMA, as a law firm, is the framework for mutually satisfactory relationships between clients and constituents, so that at the end of each specific interaction all the participants are pleased with the experience.


SIGMA’s mission consists of creating an atmosphere of cooperation between its clients and its constituents with the goals of providing the clients with superior legal services and practical legal solutions in the firm’s areas of practice and offering to the constituents the best possible working environment and a career path that depends mostly on their respective contributions to the clients and the firm. These two goals will be mutually reinforcing, as the well-being and enthusiasm of the firm’s constituents will contribute enormously to the quality of the services and solutions provided to the clients.


SIGMA’s services encompass the full business needs of its clients, including debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory matters and joint ventures. In addition, if the particular needs of a client or a transaction exceed SIGMA’s in-house capabilities, SIGMA will satisfy those needs by conforming teams of selected Panamanian and international attorneys and organizing and supervising their work imperceptibly to the client. Conversely, SIGMA will also assist other law firms (both Panamanian and international) to satisfy the needs of their clients or transactions under particular circumstances (for example, when such law firms are temporarily understaffed). But SIGMA is not a full service law firm. SIGMA is instead an excellent transactional boutique law firm for sophisticated business people which actively seeks cooperating with third parties (both Panamanian and international) to create synergies and better serve the clients.

SIGMA provides its clients with practical solutions to their legal needs. In SIGMA’s experience, the legal framework of the Republic of Panama sometimes results in the theoretically perfect solution not being achievable in practice. SIGMA’s attorneys adapt to that type of situations in order to provide the clients with the best practicable legal solution that accomplishes the clients’ economic objectives.

SIGMA will also strive to attract, hire, retain and promote attorneys that have significant experience working in foreign jurisdictions, particularly in Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and the United States. However, such experience will not be a requirement to becoming an attorney at SIGMA.